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Who We Are

Prime Medical Inc. is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic immobilization and cast room products, based in Korea. We have cutting edge, certified manufacturing facilities in Korea, India, Thailand, and Philippines, and export to 40+ countries globally.

We offer full range of proven quality cast room products at a very competitive price.
Our years of product know-how and in-depth technology enables us to manufacture synthetic casting tape and related cast room products with the highest quality standards required by modern hospitals and doctors.

Our distributors worldwide have appreciated high quality of Prime™ range of cast room products and are enjoying rapid growth of business resulting from fast growth of the market size and our close marketing support.

The true difference between Prime and other manufacturers is that we have experience in local orthopedic markets in Prime India and Prime Philippines, becoming the market leader. With such experience, we can provide real support for our clients to do the same in their local markets. 

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