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Vacancies in India

We currently have vacancies for 

Medical Sales Executives in India - Leading Korean made
Orthopaedic products.


Company and Product

Prime Medica Promotion Pvt. Ltd. (PMPPL) is a subsidiary company in India owned by Prime Medical Inc. located in South Korea. Prime Medical Inc.manufactures fiberglass synthetic casting tape and synthetic splint at its factory in Korea and exports it to India. It also exports products to 25+ countries all over the world. PMPPL in India was established in India in 2003 and its flagship product PrimeCast™ has been promoted and sold in India for 15 years and presently has largest market share of fiberglass cast tape market in India. The product is known to all orthopaedic doctors in India along with PrimePOP™ Premium, PrimePOPSplint™ & other products used in cast room. 

PMPPL has over 50 sales staff all over India and has a good reputation in surgical industry for providing quality products at good price & well managed relationship with Superstockists/distributors and also for treating employees well by paying salary/ expenses/ incentives on time.

Company is hiring additional Medical Sales Executives to cover more cities and area to expand sales of company’s product.

Who should apply?

We are looking for a candidate with an experience of 0 - 2 years in pharma/ surgical field preferable but not essential. Anyone with ambition of successful career in sales can apply. Should have 2-wheeler. Also a smart phone is required to use mobile app for on-spot call reporting.

What is your Job?

Prime Medical products are consumed by orthopaedic doctors all over India. For every 10-20,000 people in India, there is one orthopaedic doctor. Our main clients are orthopaedic clinics run by individual orthopaedic doctors. They use POP (Plaster of Paris) bandage and Fibreglass Casting along with other supportive products such as cotton stockinet, undercast padding and crepe bandage to treat fracture and sprains. Company has complete product range. Hospitals are also important target clients that gives bigger volume business.


Medical Sales Executive’s job is to make calls/ meet the end users and should meet minimum 8 calls per day and book orders (POB, Personal Order Booking) and pass those orders to existing local dealers so that dealer’s purchase from the company increases. Company will provide doctors list in your town with location information on mobile app that you will use for call reporting.

​ How much am I expected to sell and how much can I earn?

Average orthopaedic doctor consumes around 6-7 boxes of dozen (12 rolls) of POP and 20-30 rolls of fiberglass cast tape respectively monthly. The average cost of POP and fiberglass cast to doctor is around Rs. 40/- and Rs. 220/- respectively. Monthly purchase potential per doctor would be around Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 8000/-. MRP of most running size of PrimeCast™ 4” and 5” is Rs. 1150/- and Rs. 1250/- respectively and PrimePOP Premium™ 10 cm and 15 cm being Rs. 145/- and 185/- respectively.


Company can spend around 8% of sales amount to you based on sales value to dealer. If you achieve sales of Rs. 3,00,000 in a month then you can expect to earn Rs. 24,000 including salary, allowances and incentives. If your monthly gross salary is Rs. 12,000, TA/ DA would be around Rs. 6,000 and you will earn incentive of around Rs. 8,000.


Company pays product wise sales incentive based on 90% achievement of sales target of each product. Sales targets are set at reasonable level based on situation of the territory. Getting Rs. 3 lakhs per month sales require at least 50 regular and loyal orthopaedic doctors and hospital clients.


3 lakhs is not an easy job but once your customer base is established and maintained by regular calls and services, your monthly sales will be stable and you can secure good income.


More than 20 Medical Sales Executives get 3.5 lakhs and above per month and earn stable income of Rs. 30,000 plus. Some Medical Sales Executives sells 5 lakhs plus and get Rs. 40,000 plus a month.


Monthly salary of Medical Sales Executive is in the range of Rs.10,000 to Rs. 13,000 depending upon the previous job experience & track record.

TA/ DA would be additional to Monthly Gross Salary as under- 

HQ – Rs. 150

Ex HQ – Rs. 200

Outstation – Rs. 550


Successful candidates will receive 1 week’s product training and job training at Head Office in Vadodara, Gujarat before they start working in the field. Promotional product samples and gift items are also provided.

Medical Sales Executives with good performance will be given opportunities of bonus trip to Goa and Bangkok. We had Bangkok Trip this year in the month of Jan’18. HO organises this yearly Bangkok trip for our top achievers who achieve their 90% budget for the entire year.

Please e-mail us with your CV/resume
HR Recruiter



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