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The NEW Water-Repellent UnderCast Stockinette

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Our New PrimeNet DRY is now on the market.

Why Use PrimeNet DRY for Casting Application

Water resistance has become a key feature in modern cast therapy. Allowing patients to maintain hygiene is providing satisfaction to both clinicians and patients. Our New PrimeNet DRY undercast Stockinette allows for patients to maintain hygiene helping to reduce cast/skin complications.

Most importantly, it is very easy to apply. Unlike the traditional way of applying a cast, Stockinette - Layers of Padding - Cast, you do not need under-cast padding because PrimeNet DRY serves as both stockinette and padding itself. PrimeCast+PrimeNet DRY is all you needed.

What is PrimeNet DRY?

PrimeNet DRY fabric offers a water-repellent feature. The open knit structure of the fibers accelerates drainage after submerging in water or an accidental splash. Position the cast to allow water to drain for approximately 10 minutes. Then, the patient’s body temperature will quickly evaporate residual moisture through the airy mesh. This way, the cast dries quickly and the skin will feel dry in about 90 minutes.

PrimeNet DRY is the best choice for medical professionals and a more convenient solution for their patients over traditional cast padding.

Features & Benefits

1. Water Repellent Treatment: Keeps water out yet perfectly breathable.

2. One Step Solution: No extra stockinette or undercast padding needed.

3. Less Skin Trouble: Evaporates moisture and sweat away from the skin, away from skin maceration or irritation.

4. Quick Drying: Hydrophobic fibers keeps casts dry, even in harsh condition.

5. Stay drier throughout recovery

Please contact us if you'd like to try our new PrimeNet DRY!


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