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Fiberglass / Polyester Casting Tape


    PrimeCast™ is synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin, which is activated by water before use. Quality of PrimeCast™ is well proven through years of successful sales worldwide, and is certainly one of the top quality products currently available in the market. Made in Korea


    • Excellent Moulding - Superior multi-directional stretch gives excellent moulding on curved area.
    • Smooth Finish - High quality substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface as well as clean and strong end lamination.
    • Cost Effective - Less number of rolls and re-casting is required compared to POP bandage.
    • Choice of Fiberglass and Polyester - For those who prefer non-fiberglass substrate, high quality polyester casting tape is available.
    • Light weight, Incredible strength, Durability, Air-permeability, and X-ray Transparency.

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